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Strefford Tulips Privacy Policy
Strefford Tulips Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Here you will find our Privacy Policy.

Contacting you

As a matter of policy, we will not send you direct-mail, e-mail or other communications unless you explicitly request this information (by filling in one of the forms on this site).

How do we share information?

We don't - it's that simple. If you're good enough to trust us with your contact details, we promise not to abuse that trust. We will not sell or share your personal information with other companies or organisations without your prior consent or in order us to fulfil our duties under your contract.


Strefford Tulips has taken all reasonable care in the preparation of information displayed on this web site to ensure that it is accurate but it is intended for guidance only and visitors to the web site should always verify information given on the site before placing any reliance on it.

Get in touch!

Please get in touch with the Strefford Tulips Wills Team today. Call us on 01698 429 428 or send us an enquiry.


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